Monday, August 04, 2008

Loving the Stargate series

I love science fiction movies and I love war movies (Don't know what this reveal about my psyche). Put this together and what do you have- Stargate. There is this group of military types fighting an intergalactic war and uses a super-high tech device called stargate for instantaneous teleportation, throw in a bit of mythology and aliens, and you have a jolly good entertainment.

In 1994, the science fiction/action feature film Stargate was released, marking the beginning of the Stargate franchise. In 1997, Stargate SG-1, a television series intended to continue the story laid down by the original film. The original stargate team were Daniel Jackson (archaeologist), Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter (soldier and brilliant scientist) and Teal'c (alien solder). I have finished watching the 10 seasons of Stargate:SG1 and 4 seasons of Stargate:Atlantis. Man, that leaves me hungering for more.

No, I have not abandoned Star Trek. That is still my first love. However now I have a new love interest...

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Blogger Kansas Bob said...

Never seen this one Alex. Maybe I'll have to watch it at

11:02 PM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Lucky you, Bob.

You are in for a treat! is also available to IP address in the States only. *sob* *sob*

2:02 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

I wish you lived nearer - then I can borrow your DVDs!!

I enjoyed the original stargate movie (starred Michael Douglas if I am not mistaken) and watched a few episodes of the TV series ... then one day (over here) it was on TV but MacGyver was missing :-( I actually caught it again a few days ago and found that he was back - I suppose guest starring but now as General O Neill (man, he looks old)

Haven't seen the Atlantis version ...

8:49 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Hi Paul, MacGuver left the show in season 9.

Stargate, like Babylon 5 must be watched from the beginning to really appreciate it.

I enjoyed the interactions between the team members.

12:52 PM  

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