Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Musings on Chicago Hawaii 2008 Trip (4)

God on the Golf Course

Do God play golf? If he does, he will be very at home with the First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu which bought a golf course and is presently having their Sunday worship services in the clubhouse. This photo taken from the Pali Lookout Point shows the club house/church in the foreground surrounded by the golf course. Ko'olau Golf course was regarded by Golf Digest the number 1 course on Oahu and one of “America’s 100 Greatest” (2005). It is also considered one of the toughest course in the nation.

I did not play a round before service but I planned to during another visit. If churches are buying up cinemas and warehouses, why not a functioning golf club? The rationale was that since land prices is so high, the Session (Board of Elders) find it make sense to buy a functioning golf club. I cannot help but compare the magnificent churches in the United States and the small churches (with the exceptional few) in Malaysia. I find that this links with my previous posting on what a church should look like and with Willow Creek Church. Got the pun? links?


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