Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Star Gate Continuum

Star Gate is turning out to be another big hits in television land. After 10 seasons of Star Gate: SG1 and now the Star Gate: Atlantis is in its 5th season, Star Gate is proving to the world that television viewers hunger for good science fiction stories.

This made for DVD movie is a good watch with all the ingredients of a true Star Gate episode. What will you do if you are losing a war and if you have the technology to go back in time? Yes, it is a time travel story with plenty of grandfather paradoxes for Samantha Carter to solve.

Nuff's said

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Blogger Paul said...

How do you find the new "Battlstar Gallatica" series?

I am quite lost as I am watching I think season 3? (I only saw most of season 1 in Malaysia). Also I get to see 2 espisodes and then miss the next 2 due to meetings ...

The themes are interesting but also a bit too much unnecessary sex :-)

5:27 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Hi Paul, I like the series very much. There is a religious component to it. I especailly like the idea that intelligent machines may develop an idea of God. It remains to be seen how the conclusion of the series next year ties up all the loose end.

I post about it here

4:01 PM  

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