Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Medscape Articles December 2008

Medscape from WebMD
December 2008

Top 10 Most Read Articles by Pediatricians:
1.A 3-Year-Old Girl With Fever and a Limp
A 3-year-old girl is brought to the ED by her parents with a fever and refusal to walk secondary to pain in her right leg and back. The mother denies any history of trauma to the affected extremity. There is localized exquisite tenderness over the L1-2 region of the back, with slight induration noted in the overlying tissue. Plain radiographic films and MRI scans of the spine are obtained. What diagnosis do the findings on the MRI scan suggest?
2.Distraction Techniques for Procedural Pain in Children
3.AAP Addresses Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
4.Dyspnea With Intermittent Cyanosis in a Neonate
5.Cephalosporin Use in Treatment of Patients With Penicillin Allergies
6.Guidelines Issued for Management of Pediatric Obesity
7.A Puzzling Facial Rash on a 17-Year-Old Boy
8.Pneumonia in a 3-Year-Old Boy After Falling Into a Well
9.Ten-Year-Old With Irritability and Temper Tantrums
10.A 20-Year-Old Soldier With a 3-Day History of a Dark, Burning Rash

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