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Humanizing Physician Learning

The November issue of Virtual Mentor from the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics is on Humanizing Physician Learning

Educating for Professionalism

In 2003, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandated that residents could work no more than 24 consecutive hours and limited resident hours to an average of 80 per week over the course of 1 month. The creation of this policy was prompted by the 1984 death of Libby Zion, an 18-year-old who was admitted to New York Hospital for a high fever and died while under the care of overworked and fatigued interns. The incident led to a critical reevaluation of resident work hours. The possible harm patients could experience under the traditional training system was serious enough to provide the impetus for a large-scale reform of residency education.

Clinical Cases

The Ethical Dilemma of Duty-Hour Reporting
Commentary by Mary E. Klingensmith and Katrina S. Firlik
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:835-841.

Can a Pass/Fail Grading System Adequately Reflect Student Progress?
Commentary by Bonnie M. Miller, Adina Kalet, Ryan C. VanWoerkom, Nicholas Zorko, and Julia Halsey
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:842-851.

Should Applicants’ Ethnicity Be Considered in Medical School Admissions?
Commentary by Will Ross
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:852-858.

Medical Education

The Winnowing Fork of Premedical Education: Are We Really Separating the Wheat from the Chaff?
Raymond G. De Vries and Jeffrey Gross
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:859-863.

The Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship
Ann N. Poncelet, Karen E. Hauer, and Bridget O’Brien
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:864-869.

Helping Those Who Need It Most: Medical Education Focused on Poor and Disenfranchised Communities
Charles Vega
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2009; 11:870-873.

Virtual Mentor. November 2009, Volume 11, Number 11: 829-926. Full Issue PDF

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