Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ron Choong's Question of Origin

Ron Choong's new book is available. I have not read it yet so I cannot offer you a review. Ron is the founder-director of ACT (Academy for Christian Thought)

Title: The Question of Origins (Special 3-in-1 Edition)
By: Ron Choong, PhD
Price: RM49.90
When you read any book with a title such as The Origin of the Universe, or The Origin of Life, or The Origin of Man, you end up with a single conclusion – we have no scientific idea. Cosmogony, biogenesis and anthropogenesis are relatively new fields of research that depend on the findings of many other fields.

On the question of origins, these sub-fields of physics, chemistry and biology all hit their epistemic limits and enter philosophical speculation. While the sciences and philosophy help theological reflection, they cannot themselves be the basis of truth. They function to explain what we can observe: the sciences offer the best explanations drawn from testable hypotheses and philosophy considers coherent possibilities. But theology offers the most comprehensive framework because it is methodologically inclusive and has always been informed by other fields of human inquiry.

Truth corresponds to reality. But we have no cognitive access to its fullness - both natural and non-natural realities - this side of heaven. Theology has two advantages over science and philosophy. It draws from the Word of God and with insights from science and philosophy, achieves an increasingly holistic understanding of reality. As this book explains, this is especially so in the question of origins.

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