Monday, July 05, 2010

Playing Mass Effect 2 on X-Box

Mass Effect 2 is an action role playing developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. The game is a sequel to Mass Effect, the first game which was released in 2008 and was very well received by gamers. Mass Effect 2 was released on XBox and PC in January 26, 2010. The characters of the first game may be downloaded into the second game. I did not play the first game but started at the second game. However I was able to familarise myself to the Mass Effect universe very easily.

Mass Effect
, the first game is set in the year 2183 AD. Thirty-five years prior, humankind discovered a cache of technology on Mars, supposedly built by a technologically advanced but long-extinct race called the Proteans. Studying and adapting this technology, humanity has managed to break free of the solar system and has established numerous colonies and encountered many different kinds of aliens within the galaxy. Utilizing alien artifacts known as Mass Effect, the various space-faring races are able to travel instantly across vast stretches of the galaxy. Mass Effect 2 started weeks after the first game in 2083.

The default character is Commander Shepard. The fascinating part is that you get to choose the class of your character (ranging from soldiers who are skilled with weapons to adepts who are skills with bionic energy). Throughout the game, you can choose the verbal or action response of your character (often a menu of 2-6 responses) which range from gentle to rude/aggressive. Apparently these responses will be taken into account during the game play and affects the outcome. Hence you have to slowly develop the character of your character as well as acquire experience, weapons and armour upgrades for your character and his ship, Normandy of which your character is the captain. Shepard has to recruit, arm and train a team of people with various skills to fight against an alien race called Collectors who are kidnapping human colonists. More on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The fans has their own Mass effect Wiki which has lots of information about the Mass Effect universe.

The cut scene graphics are very good with a good story line. I enjoyed playing the role of Shepard which includes recruiting and training his team. Flying around in a spaceship is fun and I like mining for minerals. Makes me think of Star Trek. The battles are adrenaline surging but winnable if you have a good team. I feel like I am being involved in an interactive science fiction movie/novel. It was a truly enjoyable experience.

One of Captain Shepard's role is to keep his team member's morale up. This often involves he talking to them and helping them to solve their personal problems. This is certainly good leadership and I am amused that an action role playing game actually utilises principles of good leadership. Apparently bad leadership will affect the outcome of the game.

I have enjoyed the game and am looking for a copy of the first game. Apparently there will be another game after this and I am looking forward to that too. The games also has spin-off to books and comics and I look forward to reading Mass Effect: Redemption (four issue comics) and Mass Effect:Revelation and Mass Effect: Ascension (last two are novels).

I rate Mass Effect as on par with Halo, God of War, Gears of War and Call of Duty.

happy gaming!

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Blogger U-Liang said...

Game-play wise, the first Mass Effect is not as good as the second installment(I've played both on the PC).

But the story of the first installment is just as good (arguably better) than Mass Effect 2.

Personally, I found the characters of the first game had more depth compared to the roster in Mass Effect 2.

You should definitely check out the first game.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Hi U-Liang,

Thank you for your comments on the games.

Yes, I definitely will play the first game. My dear filial daughter, on noticing that I have actually finished the second game, has found a copy of the first game for me from Singapore

2:51 AM  

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