Monday, April 04, 2011

Karl Barth's Comic Theology

From Ben Myers' Faith and Theology blog Karl Barth's Comic Theology

check out the wonderful essay by Jessica DeCou of Chicago Divinity School: "'Too Dogmatic For Words'? Karl Barth's Comic Theology", Religion and Culture Web Forum February 2011. She argues that Barth's legendary combativeness and his legendary humour are two sides of the same coin: a "comic" theology. I think Eberhard Jüngel once described Barth as "the happiest theologian of our age" – and this essay shows that laughter and comedy are important for understanding Barth's thought.

And while you're at it, here's another interesting piece on Barth: John Parratta, "Barth and Buddhism in the Theology of Katsume Takizawa", SJT 64:2 (2011).

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Blogger Danny Dowell said...

I've started reading Barth recently. I see his theology as an attempt to de-systematize theology. A lot of theology is sort of either/or and tries to fit scripture into a neat compact system. Barth de-systematize theology buy using a both/and approach and simply rests in paradox. In this sense he isn’t actually a systematic theologian but rather doing large scale biblical theology.

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