Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Ultimate Fit

But ultimately the answer is found inside the person. It is a pervasive feeling which says: "This is right for me. This fits. This is what I want to do."...

God's purpose for us is found deep within ourselves, in the place where we find our own profound life-orientation or destiny. God wants for us, and what we are, are consistent with each other. The seeds of his purpose are planted within us, and from within, in interaction with an environment that is also in his hands, they grow toward the fullness of our possibilities.

The profound psychological researches of Carl Jung are epitomized in the conclusion that the main task of life for us is "individuation," or becoming the unique individual each of us is. It is a task and a responsibility; it takes a lifetime, and can be very demanding at times. But we evade it at our peril. For Jung, it involves, among other things, listening to all the parts of the self, the rational as well as the feeling components, the conscious as well as the unconscious, which last speaks to us in dreams and other ways. All must be respected and integrated into our total unique selfhood. We have plenty of resistances to this task of becoming our own selves, not a partial self and not someone else; but we ignore our destiny at the our own self-destruction. For it is impossible to be whole or to be at peace until we find and follow our own path. (Hart 1980, 75-76)

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