Friday, April 19, 2013

My soul in silence waits


Bitter night for the morning light my soul in silence waits,
creeping cold darkness embracing are my soul’s contends,
endless corridors wandering lost escape seeks through gates,
fear of death and loss, regrets and pain, my soul’s portends.

Hiding from the scary world outside where evil seem to reign,
snatch thief pull and kill for bag and some dollars and cents,
corruption, bribery, loss of rule of law the country’s bane,
shooting children, random acts of violence makes no sense.

God’s apparent absence concerned my soul seeking verity,
random unfortunate events happening leave lives in shambles,
seeking reasons why bad things happen to good people clarity,
day by day, year by year, the Beast slowly to Jerusalem ambles.

In the depths of my innermost self lies my soul its longing,
to where distraction distract no more nor satisfaction,
to peace and contentment with the One my soul belonging,
Spirit peels aside the filthy scabs, real self extraction.

Death no sting, suffering no pain, end of hostilites,
introvert in extrovert realm not desperate straits,
always the faith never the fear, endless possibilities,
be still my heart and mind, my soul silently waits.




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