Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Please Don't Jail Our Doctors in Malaysia

Calling all doctor and student bloggers and anyone who can help. The Government has begun to arrest and jail doctors on a technicality - not registering their clinic with the PHFSA. This act treats doctors like common criminals. These are community doctors who have not committed a serious crime but instead face an incredibly harsh sentence for their technical lapse.

Dr Basmullah Yusom, a family practitioner, is the first victim of this legislation. He was sentenced despite not having legal counsel representing him, despite pleading for leniency (he had wanted to sell the clinic anyway and is in financial trouble) and as he could not pay the hefty RM 120,000 fine, he is now in Kajang prison.

You can read more about it in Malaysian Medical Resources

The 1st clinic doctor convicted under the PHFSA


The 1st clinic doctor convicted under the PHFSA (II)

The ex-Health Minister had promised that the Act would be used only against Bogus doctors and Bogus clinics. Yet, we see that legitimate licensed APC holding medical practitioners are now being targeted.

In support of Dr. Basmullah, we urge all of you to put up this logo in your Blogs and Websites until this travesty of justice is reversed.

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Blogger doc said...

just one word : DRACONIAN

5:07 PM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

yes, doc. That one word said it all.

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