Friday, January 20, 2012

Conversations with my Granddaughter (1)

Welcome, little one. This is your grampa. You may find the world very disorientating at this moment – filled with bright lights, loud noises and strange sensations. Not to worry, little one. After all my years here, your grampa still finds the world disorientating! But slowly you will learn to adapt and push all these disorientating distractions into the background.

Aside from me, you will notice that there are many giants around you. These are called people. As you grow, you will become one of these big people. But that will be many years from now. Your only concern now is drinking, sleeping and pooing. Not to worry, this is your present vocation. World domination can wait.

I am sure you are very familiar with the warmth, smell and heartbeat of one of these big people. You feel comfortable and safe with her. She serves you breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between from her breasts. That’s your Mummy and she loves you very much. There is another big person who likes to carry you, cuddle you, kiss you and sometimes feed you with a bottle. You do not smell breast milk on him but however you like his smell. That is your Daddy. He loves you very much too. He also loves your Mummy very much.

Little one, you will learn how important love is and how wonderful it is to be loved by many people. There is much joy and hope in love. There are also other big people. As you are sleepy now, grampa will tell you about them another day. Say hello to your guardian angel for me. Sleep tight, little one (and don't let the bed bug bite). We will talk more later.




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