Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Missional: Possible

The prestigious and mainline Leadership Journal has its theme, Going Missional for its Winter 2007 issue. Chad Hull wrote Missional: Possible Steps to transform a consumer church into a missional church.

In his article, Hull quoted Mike Breen

Mike Breen, pastor at Community Church of Joy near Phoenix, Arizona, believes the missional church is something very old, very fundamental, and very much at the core of what it means to be church.

"Missional church is radical only in the sense that radical means root," he says. "The missional church is rooted in not just the New Testament church of Acts, but in the mission of Jesus himself. A missional church lives out the church's three-dimensional calling: to be upwardly focused on God in worship that is passionate; to be inwardly focused on community among believers that is demonstrated in relationships of love and compassion; and to be outwardly focused on a world that does not yet know God."

This is something for us to think about. Missional possible or mission impossible?

soli deo gloria

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Blogger Sivin Kit said...

did you know "Community of Joy" is a Lutheran church? so there is hope for the mainline churches (as well as the mega churches)?

:-) it's more about "he who has ears let him hear right"?

12:18 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

hi sivin,

I am glad to know that Community of Joy is a Lutheran church. I always believe that there is hope for the mainline and the megachurches and all others in between. Yes, it is good to know that members of congregation are reawakening to their responsiblities to being church.

Yes, it's as you wrote,"he who has ears let him hear." We all need to hear what the Holy Spirit is whispering in our ears.

As someone once said, "Church has always been potentially just one generation away from extinction."


1:39 AM  

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