Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Coffee Blend to for the Watchmen

from All Things Coffee-Coffeerama.com

Watchmen Coffee (Nite Owl Dark Roast)

(picture from Amazon.com)

In case you're a grown-up and a Watchmen lunchbox doesn't appeal to you, you might consider getting a can of Watchmen coffee. I doubt that that any movie theater will allow you to bring in a coffee maker or a travel mug into the theater so you can sip on your tasty Nite Owl Dark Roast while you watch the movie, so you you'll probably have to stick with drinking it at home only (until you get the DVD).

According to Amazon, this is the "World's First Movie Tie-in Coffee," which seems unlikely, but I can't confirm or deny this. A couple of other snippets from Amazon: It's organic fair trade, 51% of the profits go to charity and there's a limited number of these comic book coffee cans produced (I heard somewhere that they only made 10,000).

cool, I gonna get a can

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