Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preaching is Soul on Display

From Leadership Journal online, a wonderful article by Gordon MacDonald about preaching and spiritual friends.

Soul on Display
Eventually your preaching turns you inside out.
Gordon MacDonald | posted 1/25/2010

Soul on Display

He's not well known today, but in his time—the 14th century—John Tauler was the premier preacher in all of Europe. Each time he stood in the pulpit at the Strasburg Cathedral, large crowds gathered anticipating a great sermon. Rarely were they disappointed.

Tauler was described as "a learned and eloquent man [with] a loving and tender heart. He spoke from his heart, not from his head only." Who wouldn't be pleased to be described that way?

Nevertheless, there must have been a time when something—not easily discerned by a crowd—was lacking in the popular preacher. Humility, perhaps? Perhaps there was too much Tauler and too little Jesus in his preaching.

The only person who cared to speak into Tauler's life was a mysterious Christian layman known as Nicholas of Basle who, many years later, would be burned to death in Vienna as a heretic. Apparently Nicholas and Tauler often visited.




Blogger pearlie said...

"He spoke from his heart, not from his head only" and "Perhaps there was too much Tauler and too little Jesus in his preaching"?

Interesting ... I suppose what is most important is what is in the head and the heart.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Usually some sermons are too intellectual and not personal. I will prefer intellectual and personal or as you say from the head and the heart. Not only that but our preaching must reveal Jesus in our head and heart, not ourselves.

10:47 AM  

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