Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Can the Soul be Saved?

I am still searching for the soul (or a better understanding of it). Came across Direction, a Mennonite Brethren Forum magazine which has a special issue Fall 2008 devoted to Can the Soul be Saved?

Can the Soul Be Saved?

From the Editor: Can the Soul Be Saved?Vic Froese166-7
Paul on the Human Being as a “Psychic Body”: Neither Dualist nor MonistGordon Zerbe168-84
Is the Search for the Anabaptist Soul a Dead End? Historic Anabaptism Meets Nancey Murphy’s Nonreductive PhysicalismTerry G. Hiebert185-200
I’m a Soul, Man: One Psychologist’s Reflection on Human NatureDelmar B. Epp201-14
Nancey Murphy’s Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? A Review EssayWendy J. Miller215-22
Resurrection of the Body or Immortality of the Soul? Some Personal ReflectionsDan Epp-Tiessen223-27
An Invitation to an Intimate and Transformative Relationship with God (Jeremiah 31:15-22)Laura Neufeld228-37

Some good thoughts here,


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Hi! I came across your blog, and thought I'd say hello! I know a group of people from Malaysia too. Their blog is here:
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