Friday, July 09, 2010


Presence is the journal of Spiritual Directors International of which I am a member. I like the cover picture of a mandala.

Insightful video conversation with Rev. Jane E. Vennard about the value and benefits of spiritual direction and what to expect in spiritual direction. A new addition to the video series "Spiritual Directors International Learns From..."

Two new videos added to the "Spiritual Directors International Learns From..." series. Listen to Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB.

The National Catholic Reporter features spiritual direction and SDI in "An Ancient and Contemporary Pathway to God" by Tom Gallagher.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly episode features "Spiritual Direction."

View the Gratefulness Gram slide show of messages from our members that we showed at the San Francisco Educational Events in April 2010.

Online Seek and Find Guide interactive database helps you to search for spiritual directors in your area. More than 5,000 are listed.

Not sure how to choose a spiritual director? The Seek and Find Guide includes a handy set of review questions to help you.

Watch short YouTube videos about spiritual direction and how to find a spiritual director, also known as a spiritual guide, spiritual companion, mashpia in Hebrew or anam cara in Gaelic.


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