Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Best Yee Sang in Malaysia

The best Yee Sang I have tasted this year is a take-away Yee Sang from Ichiban-boshi in Great World Shopping Mall in Singapore! It was brought across the causeway to my dining table in Malaysia.

More about Yee Sang, read my post here

The 13 components in the Yee Sang each has its significance

  1. Chuka kurage-Excellence
  2. Red Sweetened Ginger-Luck
  3. Peanut Crunch- Wealth
  4. Pickled Leek-Divination
  5. Sweetened Lime- Merit
  6. Pickled Cucumber- Advancement
  7. Winter melon- Harmony
  8. Fried Sesame- Prosperity
  9. Chuka Wakame- Youth
  10. Pickled melon - Tanquility
  11. Pok Chui Biscuits- Affluence
  12. Five Spice, cinnamon and pepper Powder - Fortune
  13. Salmon - Abundance

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Blogger Squeezebox Sam said...

How interesting. While I have always noted that there is a scientific (or chemical) common sense to preparing food, I haven't really encountered explanation for philosophical aesthetic (except maybe in color combinations, haha). What a fascinating post.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Hi Sam,

We, Chinese, live to eat and eat to live. Not only we have philosophical aesthetics, we also believe that all food have properties. Some are 'hot' or 'heaty.' Others are 'cooling.' Food must be consumed in balance - 'heaty' versus 'cooling' in order to enjoy good health. A Yin-Yang balance.

6:34 PM  

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