Thursday, June 06, 2013

Leading Change in Spiritual-Formation Communities Course in MBS

I will be teaching this course

Malaysia Bible Seminary
Leading Change in Spiritual-Formation Communities
22-26 July 2013


Course description
Spiritual formation is the task of the church. Christian spiritual formation may be understood as a three-stranded process of person-in-formation (Christ-likeness in the inner being), persons-in-community formation (becoming a people of God), and persons-in-mission formation (being missional for Kingdom expansion). The biblical, theological and psychosocial aspects will be developed. The approach to faith formation is never individualistic but communal. The contemporary discipleship and faith formation models will be examined. A Christian spiritual formation paradigm which includes the role of the faith community, and spiritual-formation elements will be introduced. Leadership to effect transition to spiritual-formation communities will be considered in the context of local faith communities. This is a 4 credits course.

The expected general outcome of this course is that students will demonstration deeper understanding of spiritual formation, spiritual formative elements in the context of their faith communities, and nurturing spiritual formation communities (SFC).

By the end of the course it is expected that students will specifically demonstrate:

1.      An enlarged knowledge base:
  • The biblical and theological basis of spiritual formation.
  • The nature of spiritual development
  • The nurture of spiritual development
  • The role of faith communities in spiritual development.
2.      The capacity to discern effective formative elements in the context of their faith communities.
3.      A deeper understanding of the dynamics of spiritual formation communities

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