Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review: Face to Face


Face to Face: Meeting God in the Quite Places 
Monte Kline (2010) [Kindle edition]

 Kline's main thesis is the importance of meeting God "face to face" through Personal Retreat [capitalise 'P' for personal, author's]. The concept of personal retreats as a part of spiritual growth is well known. Kline expends on this concept of Personal Retreat by giving his definition, motivation, biblical examples, types of prayer, fasting, and specific ways to do it.

 This is a good book for those who wants to take 'time out' for a personal retreat but do not know how. What is powerful about this book is in Chapter 10 where Kline shared one of his own Personal Retreat at Steens Mountain in south-eastern Oregon in 2003. It was a humbling personal sharing about the circumstances that led him there and extracts from his personal journal on his meeting "face to face" experiences with God. Reading that allows the reader an insight on how powerful a Personal Retreat can be.

 Disclosure: I received a request to review this book by email and the kindle version.


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