Monday, April 09, 2007

Batman Begins Once Again

Rewatched the movie on DVD again, after a hectic period of the Tiruum and is resting before the next ministry assignment. I find movie watching very relaxing. Guess some will question whether Christians should watch violent movies. Today, I leave others to answer. After watching this movie an unknown number of times, it is still enjoyable...and relaxing.

"Bruce, why do we fall?"
"So that we can pick ourselves up and start again"
So very chim....

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Anonymous alwyn said...

strange, i watched it too today! part of the background visuals when my cousin visited.

it's ironic, isn't it, how it was the crimelord who 'inspired' B.Wayne to run away and seek to understand the underworld and criminal mind. and it was the League of Shadows which honed his skills i.e. Batman was created by evil folks, then self-created to fight evil! weird, eh?!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

wow, interesting coincidence.

The movie rewrote parts of the origin of Batman which is different from the mythos written by Bob kane and the comic writers.

However, yes, I agree with you that in the movie, it is ironic that the Batman was created by evil and trained by evil, yet never crossed the link to evil.

Reminds me of a story arc in Batman: The Dark Knight series where the comic writers explore who is the Batman and who is Bruce Wayne. This is alluded to in the movie. Is the real persona Bruce Wayne who acts as Batman or the real persona is Batman who acts as Bruce Wayne? I enjoyed the story arc tremendously.

Like what I wrote in my Spiderman 3 posting. How long can you keep the darkness within you before the darkness consumes you. Again this reminds me of an old novel, "The Mark of the Salamander" by Morris West. It explores the pysche of an antiterrorist agent. How far can he goes before he becomes one of them?

12:26 AM  

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