Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reflections on Triuum

Some wonderful reflections from Lilian's blog

On Good Friday

To a Broken God

Didn't see You there, didn't know You were weeping too
I thought of tears as a human wound
Though of course You care, You have shown You were human too
They say You cried at Lazarus' tomb
I was unaware how it is with a broken God
I thought of You as above my pain
Lost in my despair, so it is with a broken heart
I never dreamed You could feel the same
Once in a magazine I saw a face
Wrinkled up in grief and travailed grace
I kept looking to that face,
some sad refugee in some sad place
And in his eyes the sorrow of our race
Then I saw it was the face of God, the face of God,
Your face, dear God.
Some say You're not there, just a myth for a lazy life
An artifact from an ancient scroll
But I have known You there in the gift of a weary sigh
Lord of the lost and lonesome soul
I was unaware how it is with a broken God
I never dreamed You could feel the same


On Holy Saturday

The resurrection happens when we respond to trials with patient trust knowing that our God loves us more than we can imagine. The resurrection happens when we allow compassion for the world to be birthed from our wounded hearts. The resurrection happens among God's people when the strong learn to embrace those who are weak.
In the waiting time this dark Saturday, let the darkness bring to fullness within us what God dearly desires for his beloved ones. And let us patiently await the birth of joy in our lives.


On Easter Sunday

Let us raise our voices to the cross of Christ
Where the earth and heaven unite
God has wed creation on the tree of hope
Where the darkness becomes our light
Let us join in the dance of heaven and earth
Give thanks for the goodness of God


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