Title: Tales From Monastery; Spiritual Formation The Asian Way
Author: Alex Tang

This book is about a few disciples and their teacher learning new things all the time. The stories are very humourous and interesting yet they teach us about God.

I like the story ‘Ah Lek Sweeps the Floor’, ‘Ah Lek Inherits Heaven and Earth’, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and ‘Walking on Water’.

‘Ah Lek Inherits Heaven and Earth’ is very amusing because he was daydreaming and he almost fell off the stool he sat on. ‘Walking on Water’ is also very enjoyable because Ah Lek and Ah Kow tried to copy Abba Isaac and wanted to walk on water like him. But Abba Isaac didn’t really walk on water. He was just walking to shore in shallow water. So it looked like he was walking on water. Many other stories are nice too, like ‘Durian Theology’ and ‘The Ban’.

I learn that we have to be good disciples of Jesus. Ah Kow, Ah Lek and many of Abba Ah Beng’s disciples obeyed him and God. So likewise we should obey those in authority over us and God.